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Intranet Software Solutions For Solicitors

Our intranet solutions are functional, robust, bespoke and second to none within the industry. We have over 30 years experience within the software and development industry and have worked with numerous clients with the legal and solicitor industry. We provide flexibility in our intranet development solutions and can create, develop, build and design any intranet solution to suit all most any budget.

We can supply both out the box and bespoke intranet solutions to suit your firms needs, requirements and budget. We can provide either an in office hosted or cloud hosted solution. We have worked with many legal firms and solicitors in the UK and built various online solutions to suit their needs and requirements.

Intranet Software for Solicitors : Case Study

We recently completed work on a excellent bespoke in house intranet solution for a small group of local solicitors in Manchester, they currently have around 25 employees that are all now successfully using the intranet solution. The aim of the software was to make life much more simple and improve every employees time management and general office organisation. Each member can now add dates to a shared calendar, book meeting rooms (to stop confusion), make announcements such as events and birthdays, they can time manage using online time sheets and more...

Intranet Software For Solicitors
Intranet Solutions For Solicitors
Intranet For Solicitors

Intranet Software Solutions Can Include:

Imagine how much more efficient your legal company would be if all your company’s knowledge and documents were securely stored just a few clicks away. Our Intranet solutions are unique packages that can be tailored to match your specific business needs. We ensure the Intranet resembles your current branding and design. We ensure that we provide excellent tailored training for both IT and non IT staff.