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Our Intranet Software Solutions

Our intranet solutions are functional, robust, bespoke and second to none within the industry. We have over 30 years experience within the software and development industry and have worked with numerous clients from numerous industries over the years. We provide flexibility in our intranet development solutions and can create, develop, build and design any intranet solution to suit all most any budget.

Document and Content Management Solutions

Document and content management is key for any business large all small, our content and document management solutions stream line the process of adding and storing vital business information and content. All data stored is secure at all times, using the latest methods in online and offline software security methods. Over the years our content and document management system has developed into a very superior content management facility used by various clients. Our content management uses a simple wizard to guide the user through adding content to the site. It reduces the pressure on the IT Team, as they no longer have to upload new data to the Intranet. Most importantly it is a cost effective way to improve corporate communication.

Security Restrictions

Our core intranet system has an in built security platform using the latest digital security methods. Each user is automatically logged onto the system via their network login. Any changes made can be directly linked to the user that actioned those changes. All passwords are digitally encrypted, so they is not log of users passwords. Information can be restricted to the relevant people or groups of people. The inbuilt security platform allows other modules and applications to integrate to the Intranet and provides a basis for the workflow of information.

Search Facility (Built In Search Engine)

Our intranet system has a powerful and flexible inbuilt search engine facility for finding information across your Intranet. Users can specify their search by using Keywords, such as project title, date posted, user, or other criteria to easily find the information they’re looking for. Users can reduce search criteria by indicating specific categories. The sophisticated search engine allows you to find the information that is relevant to you.

Full Administrative Control

Our core Intranet system has an Online System Administration that ensures only specified staff can make major changes to the site. This area allows you to: Manage users, groups and security permissions. Edit, delete and add top level menus. Configure content management settings. Control and add new applications and security.